Expectations and Standards

Instructor candidates attend a 5­-day training where they experience the 8­-hour course and learn how to teach the course for the specific population they will reach. Each 5-­day training begins with a model of how the 8­-hour course will be trained. Instructor candidates will then spend time more closely with the curriculum, learning how to teach the course with fidelity as well as tailoring it to the specific audience they plan to train. The final part of training is an evaluation of the candidate where they present a portion of the curriculum. A trainer who is trained in one curriculum is able to become dually certified and teach both the Youth and Core curriculums. If an instructor is in good standing with the curriculum they are currently trained in, they are able to expedite their additional certification and attend 2.5 days of the 5-­day instructor course at a reduced rate.

To maintain their certification, instructors commit to:

  • Teach the course three times per year
  • Teach the course with fidelity
  • Complete one continuing education event each year

Please view the full certification standards here

To support instructors, the Mental Health First Aid® Maryland Team will:

  • Provide a high level of technical support to help you teach the course effectively
  • Connect instructors for brainstorming and idea sharing
  • Host annual instructor meeting to provide program updates and instructor networking opportunities