Since 2007, we have:
  • Trained over 26,000 Marylanders in Mental Health First Aid
  • Taught over 1,700 Mental Health First Aid classes throughout Maryland to diverse audiences
  • Developed a network of dedicated instructors who introduce the program to their local communities
  • Provided discounts and scholarships to keep the program accessible
Mental Health First Aid®

This 8-hour, national certification course teaches you:

  • Risk factors and signs for mental health and substance use problems
  • 5-step action plan for helping someone in either a crisis or non-crisis situation
  • Local resources so you know where to turn for help

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You Can Make a Difference

Every day any of us may encounter someone who is experiencing a mental health problem or crisis at work, school or in our everyday lives. In fact, one in five people are living with a mental illness. We can help by incorporating Mental Health First Aid® where we live, work, worship and play. The more people who are trained as first aiders, the more we are able to help.
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